Client : Saudi Aramco
Location: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Aramco Land Affairs Visualization Center (LAVC) is a highly collaborative decision-support facility that represents an application of advanced pre sentation, conferencing and meeting management technologies. Saudi Media Systems provided the turnkey design and integration of the content management, audio video and remote control systems.

Presentation Room

The Visualization Center focuses on a large video wall comprised of ultra-thin bezel 55” LCD/LED monitors in a 7 x 3 configuration. The Videowall surface is fully interactive allowing dynamic presentations to be made with real time participation controlled by workstation and tablet applications. The Videowall also accommodates a network time display, audio speakers and videoconferencing cameras.

At the heart of the LAVC is the Main Presentation Area, which can be configured in semi-flexible zones for multi-tiered audiences and participants, presenters, and technical support staff. An HD document camera is mounted at ceiling above the primary seating area so that physical maps and sketches can be captured and directed to any display device in the center.

A height-adjustable podium at the front of the LAVC accommodates a standing speaker addressing the participants. The podium includes a built-in touchscreen monitor, USB interface, gooseneck microphone and task lighting. Adjacent to the podium is a wall-mounted 52” touchscreen monitor with notation ability linked to a rack-mounted PC in the Technical Room. An audio system to support voice reinforcement via ceiling- mounted microphones and speakers will enable speakers to be heard clearly at any location within the room thus allowing presenters free movement throughout the center.

At the rear of the Visualization Center is a technical support and piloting area. The audio, lighting and display content of the facility is at a two-position technical support workstation (AV Console) with content management software that allows information to be acquired and sized to any size display whether tablet PC or Videowall.

Collaboration Conference Room

A Collaboration Conference Room at the rear of the LAVC is separated by segmented privacy glass comprised of switchable liquid crystal privacy smart glass with a layer of acoustic glass, separated by an air space. In the Collaboration Conference Room the 10-person conference table has a built-in multitouch display, and the walls displays form a panorama of three 46” touch screen monitors that are flanked by large Clarus/eBeam glassboards for writing/drawing notes. The content of the glassboards can be captured and directed to any display in the Collaboration Room or in the adjacent Visualization Center.

Main Majlis

The 100-person Majlis features traditional Arabic design motifs that are seen in the furniture, curtains, custom carpet and chandeliers.
An adjacent Press Room supports TV and radio broadcast.

Outdoor Ampitheater

The 3,000-seat open-air amphitheater


Structured Cabling Leviton
Computing HP
LAN Cisco
Video Management Hiperwall
Videoconferencing Cisco
Videowall Samsung
Glassboards Clarus / eBeaml
Audio Processing ClearOne
Touchscreens Samsung and Microsoft Surface Pro
Lighting Control Lutron
Remote Control AMX
Collaboration Table SMS Custom
SPD Glass SmartGlass International