Saudi Media Systems

Saudi Media Systems designs and integrates technology systems in advanced facilities and campuses. We provide a full range of design, engineering, and technical support services that extend from project concept, through implementation, training and operational support.

Founded in 1980

Saudi Media Systems

Founded in 1980, Saudi Media Systems is registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with CR No. 1010201917. With our management and technical teams, we have a substantial depth of experience in new building and renovation projects including corporate headquarters, office towers, convention and training centers, airports, hotels, hospitals, command and  control  centers,  as  well  as  financial,   government  and  educational facilities.  We  offer  practical  and  innovative  solutions  for   a   broad   range   of  applications: control centers, data visualization, integrated security, networked media retrieval, video conferencing and distance learning.

Saudi Media Systems is comprised of

four operating divisions

SMS is comprised of four operating divisions, Integrated Multimedia Systems, Facilities Systems, Command and Control, and Services. Each division is a center of excellence, designing, engineering, constructing, supporting and maintaining advanced electronic data systems and communication networks. Core resources of the company are our Quality, Safety and Project Management Programs that are administered by the    Executive   Project Management Office. We have implemented an ISO-9001:2015 certified quality management system throughout our operations and long-term client satisfaction is our ultimate reward.

Through many years of experience, Saudi Media Systems has built  a  strong  client  base, which testifies to the  Company’s  commitment  to  an  exceptional  level  of  responsive service, creativity and quality. Saudi Media Systems is well established with leading multinational companies, each a technology leader in their area of  specialization.  This  assures our clients of state-of-the-art products and technology.

Corporate Facts


40+ years of Experience with Mission Critical Systems.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified.


Commitment to high level of client services from design to operational support.


200+ employees in specialized discipline in the region.


That covers all aspects of the applied technology.


To implement new technologies to meet the requirements of our clients.


Critical systems success including the largest Integrated Multimedia Networks, Integrated Security Systems and Control Rooms in the Kingdom an in other GCC Countries.