“As an integral part of our commitment to the 2020 National Transformation Program, we collaborate closely with a diverse array of government agencies. Our aim is to provide ingenious technical solutions that not only support their individual digital transformations but also facilitate the evolution of their sectors. We take immense pride in contributing to the development of smart cities in Saudi Arabia, such as NEOM, which rely on cutting-edge digital infrastructure. Furthermore, we extend our expertise to essential services like the 911 call center and Jeddah disaster recovery, ensuring robust and resilient systems for emergency response and disaster mitigation.”

SMS offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to enhance efficiency, security, and the delivery of public services:

IT Infrastructure Modernization, Data Center Solutions, Cybersecurity Services, Network Integration, Cloud Services, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Public Safety Solutions, Biometric Solutions, Surveillance and Security, Data Analytics, Training and Support